Instagram Kindness Camera
Instagram Kindness Camera | Image source: Newyork post

Instagram is taking steps to deal with dumbness on its platform. The US giant social media Instagram is hiring machine learning experts to actively detect threats in machines, which will then be seen by human moderators.

An Instagram employee said that its threatening classification has detected "the attacks on the character of a person, along with the danger on a person's welfare or health" 

If a human moderator believes that the photo is violating the platform's Community Guidelines, the picture will be removed, and the poster will be notified of its removal and it will be informed to the person.

Adam, the new head of Instagram told in a blog post that "This change will help us to identify and remove more threats - and this is an important step because many people who experience this threat do not report it".

Instagram Anti-bullying feature
Instagram Anti-Bullying Feature | Image source: Newyork post

"This will help us to protect the members of our youngest age because young users experience high rates of bullying online compared to others".

This new technology is being started and will continue in the coming weeks. Instagram will also launch a bully comment filter on live video, which is already done for feed, explorer and profile sections.

Instagram is also introducing a new filter called "Kindness Camera" to help spread the positivity on this Social Media.

In a survey of 2017, it was claimed that Instagram had to overhaul Facebook as the worst social media platform for bullying. For more updates on Instagram, Stay tuned with us.

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