Instagram Co founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger resigned from Facebook
Instagram Founders | Image source: Newyork post
Instagram Co-Founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger have resigned the social media giant Facebook due to Mark Zuckerberg's uneven statement.
The United States Social media giant Facebook is developing very rapidly but from few days the shares of Facebook have fallen up to 2% in pre-market trading, which would erase $11 Billion from the company's market cap if it is unchanged after the market opens.

Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, co-founders of Instagram, who had been acquired by Facebook when Instagram was built six years ago, have declared that they are leaving Facebook to build something new. 

When Facebook bought the company, it promised to both co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger continued to operate as an individual entity despite the change in ownership.

But these two people have become rapidly disappointed on Facebook that failed to fulfill that promise. It is said that Mark Zuckerberg wanted to control more of the Instagram app in the future.

It is almost similar to the Facebook incident. Earlier Mark Zuckerberg has stolen the Facebook idea and now its time to kick out Instagram founders by not fulfilling the promise.

However, both have kept it neutral in a short blog post.

Mike and I have been thankful for the last eight years at Instagram and for six years with the Facebook team. We have started this project with only 13 people and grown it from 13 to more than a thousand, with a love of billions of people who are using our app. Now we are ready for our next chapter.

Now its time to show Facebook. We are planning to take some time to explore our willingness and creativity again. To build new things we should take steps back to understand what motivates us and also what will be the need of people at global; This is what we are planning to do.

In the coming years, we are very excited about the future of Instagram and Facebook because we are moving from leaders of one billion to two users. We look forward to seeing what these addictive companies will take their next step.

So what are you thinking? Facebook has taken the right steps against Instagram founders. What will be the future of Instagram app? How will be the next social media from Instagram founders? Will it be more innovative, creative, useful as compared to other addictive, useless social media like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

There are so many questions running in your and our mind. For more updates, Stay Tuned with us. 

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