Apple iOS 12 for iPhones and iPad
iOS 12 | Image source: siasat
Apple has made a stunning start of iOS 12 with there three new smartphones iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max. It's an interesting thing to know that iOS 12 get a faster start than iOS 11. How? Let's check out here

It is not denied till date that Apple has one of the massive stunning software for its iPhones, Mac, iPad and other products. By supporting older devices, the selection rate of the latest version of its iOS ramp up very rapidly and there is no misfit in the release of iOS 12 this year.

According to the data from the Mixpanel, iOS 12 already gives a strength to 47.54% of Apple's phones in opposition to the 45.60% iPhone and iPad running on iOS 11. 

Apple iOS 12 statistics after release date
iOS 12 Statistics | Image source: Gsmarena
The interesting thing is even the iPhone 5s is also suitable for iOS 12 updates and users report excellent performance. That's why there is no doubt to say Apple iOS 12 software has made an amazing start than iOS 11.

As we all know Apple has released iOS 12 at its annual event on September 18 and its adoption is still moving in everyone's mind. 

Particularly when you believe that Google's Android 9.0 pie is out for a long time but still not showing in the statistics. For more updates on Apple, Stay Tuned with us. 

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