Apple iPhone XS Max Charging Problem
iPhone XS Max | Image source: Reuters
Earlier this month, Apple has launched three smartphones including iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.  However, some users have found the charging problem which is affecting their new iPhones.

These owners have found that when they plug in their phones to the charger it does not charge until the screen is not wake up by the user. Some users said that the cable had to be flipped before charging them.

In one of the case, iPhone XS Max did not charge even after wake up and pressing the power button, while in another case iPhone XS Max didn't charge when the display is off.

There is a very long list of users on the Apple Community website who are suffering from this charging issue. Maximum users said that this issue only comes when the display has ceased for more than five seconds. So if the screen is on and you plug it in, then it is working smoothly on some iPhones.
Apple iPhone XS and XS Max facing Charging Problem
iPhone XS Max | Image source: Gizmochina
Apple is continuously working on this problem and it will be fixed in a short time. But for temporary, One suggestion has been given that users have to turn on the "USB accessories" feature under the "Face ID and Passcode" settings. This solution is not working on all the iPhones.

Some users have given their phones for replacement, but replacement units are also facing the same issues. So it is better to wait until an official solution will be revealed by Apple.

Apple has not yet released an official statement. It is written on Apple's blog that, the problem is due to the bugs in iOS 12 software, and an update will be thrust towards iPhone Xs, and iPhone Xs Max users to fix it.

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