Lenovo Z5 Pro Rear Cameras
Lenovo Z5 Pro rear cameras | Image source: gizmochina
Huawei established the record as the first company to launch a smartphone (P20 Pro) with triple rear cameras. Other companies including Samsung has also followed the pattern with the launch of Galaxy A7 (2018). 

While others are trying to set a new record by launching phones with four cameras and five cameras. Nokia and Lenovo have already joined this competition and are planning to launch four camera smartphones very soon.

A few hours ago, Chang Cheng, vice president of Lenovo shared a poster with a quad-camera setup on the web. The four cameras are placed in square setup, same as the upcoming Huawei Mate 20 series. 

The four cameras in a square pattern with a flash in the middle will attract users to buy this new smartphone. 

Lenovo Z5 Pro Smartphone first look
Lenovo Z5 Pro | Image source: google

The phone will be expected to reveal in October. Even though the exact date has not been provided. Vice President of Lenovo in a tweet says that the camera will also have AI features. 

The name of this smartphone is still under privacy. It will be expected to be Lenovo Z5 pro. A few weeks ago, Vice President of Lenovo, Chang-Cheng has unveiled Lenovo Z5 Pro. 

In terms of design, cameras, and look, this smartphone is going to make people crazy. It is expected to come with a bezel-less display same as Oppo Find X.

Lenovo Z5 Pro Smartphone image
Lenovo Z5 Pro | Image source: google

A few days ago, Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 was also revealed with the same slider opening. But Lenovo Z5 pro will have a mechanical slider rather than a motor. So far, all the leaked images of Z5 Pro shown only front part of the smartphone. This makes us think that Z5 Pro might have quad-camera.
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