one plus 6t accessories
OnePlus 6T | Image source: gsmarena
It's time for One plus 6T. A few days ago, all the Details of OnePlus 6T were leaked, but something is still Missing. I a user wants-to Purchase any extra accessories, then there are no details about it till date. 

OnePlus 6T accessories have been leaked. So let's check out what will be the cost of different accessories?

For a USB-C type 3.5mm charging cable, the price tag will be € 8.95 in Europe. However, there are no headphones included to your retail box in OnePlus.

The new Bullet V2 Headphones with the USB-C plug-in will be priced at € 19.95, it is similar to the Headphones coming with a 3.5 mm jack, which OnePlus promised to give.
One Plus 6T accessories leaked
OnePlus 6T Accessories | Image source: gsmarena
After this, there are some protective cases Which remember the classics i.e. Sandstone, Ebony Wood, Karbon as well as some bumper cases. Did you know what OnePlus calls it? they call it as OnePlus "bumpers" because they to cover back part of the smartphone. 

Bumper cases are thick, strong and cover the keys, while there are simple protective Covers with cutouts on their notch part for cover keys.

The entry of OnePlus 6T and Accessories will be unveiled on October 17 (two weeks from Wednesday). So what are you thinking? if you want updates on time, Stay tuned with us.

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