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United States Tech giant Oracle announced the first group of startups for the Startup Cloud Accelerator Program in two cities New Delhi and Mumbai on Thursday. 

The selected youth enterprises are using techniques like Artificial Intelligence and Internet of things (IoT) so that diagnosis of diseases among newborns can be done to provide counterfeit solutions to ventures.

Oracle's Development Vice President Sanket Atal in an interview said that "Interestingly most of the companies that are implementing are using two future technology Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, and these are the areas we have already encircled it excellently".

He also said, "It shows how the coordination between Oracle cloud offering and startup is being done."

Let us take an example. One of the new enterprise iNICU enables early diagnosis of important diseases in newborn infants by taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of things and improving the overall health care.

Atal Sanket Vice president of Oracle on Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator
Mr. Atal Sanket | Image source: BW disrupt
Another young company Original4Sure offers anti-counterfeiting and high level tracking supply chain solutions for ventures in different sectors.

California-based Venture Redwood Shores said that these companies will be permitted to technical and business consulting by Oracle and industry specialist. 

In addition to Oracle Cloud credit and co-workplace, these enterprises will provide access to Oracle's ecosystem of customers, investors, and partners.

Oracle with annual revenue of $37 Billion launched the Cloud Accelerator Initiative as a major program at Bangalore in April 2018 and it has been a great success for the organization. 

Now there are eight such ventures around the world, three of which are located in India, including Bangalore, New Delhi, and Mumbai.

In the end, Mr. Atal said, "We have taken feedbacks from this startups so that we can enhance our products too. The input has been extremely worth for us."

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