telegram desktop app leaks user data
Telegram Mobile App  | Image source: Dreamstime

There was a big flaw in the telegram's desktop app, which harmed both public and private IP addresses of users during voice calls.

Security researcher Dhiraj Mishra opened the faults in telegram's peer-to-peer framework. As stated in his blog on input zero, telegram compels users to use only P2P connections for calls.

telegram desktop app leaks user data
Telegram Desktop App | Image source: Dreamstime
While mobile users can change the settings to keep the information private, but the desktop version does not allow such kind of settings, resulting in the IP address due to this IP addresses getting exposed.

As a result of the defect, the hackers can access location data and other information related to the IP address.

Since then, Telegram has fixed the flaw by adding the option of "P2P to Nobody / My Contacts" in version 1.3.17 beta and 1.4 versions.

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