Tesla Model X eligible for Tesla's referral program
Tesla Model X | Image source: cleantechnica

For the first time in history, all Tesla model's including Model 3, Model S, and Model X buyers are eligible for absolutely free supercharger credits.

In the past program, Tesla has provided such credits to limited models including model 3 (starting from $ 64,000), Model X (starting from $ 83,000) and Model S (starting from $ 77,000). 

What are the new models included this time? Let us check out. Model 3's top-selling rear-wheel drive (starting from $ 49,000) and all-wheel drive (starting from $ 55,000) versions are included for such credit for the first time. 

Tesla Model S is eligible for Tesla's referral program
Tesla Model S | Image source: cleantechnica

It is still not clear whether the model 3 standard range (starting from $ 35,000) will be suitable for this credits or not, but I assume that there it will not be eligible.

What about the deadline for this promotion program? The program will end on December 10, 2018, and I think that for a big boost to the balance sheet from customer deposits, the $ 35,000 car will be open for the design studio on December 11. 

Tesla Model 3 eligible for Tesla's referral program
Tesla Model 3 | Image source: cleantechnica

This referral program is only available for the reservation holders in the US, not for the general public. It is confirmed to all who pay attention that the $ 35,000 car does not require any further encouragement to generate huge amounts of order.

Text from Tesla

$100 Supercharging Credit available for three models Model X, Model S and Model 3.

Owners can give $100 supercharging credit to five friends with the purchase of a new model S, Model X, or Model 3

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