Ripple Labs blockchain startup
Ripple Labs | Image source: Eleven News

On Friday, Ripple Labs, A Blockchain Technology Startup confirmed to Reuters that the startup has hired Amir Sarhangi, who was leading Google's and who has been rollout from a wireless messaging system as vice president of products.

Ripple Labs, which is one of the most famous startups in San Francisco, is trying to capitalize on the technique of reducing Cryptocurrencies, they said that they are very excited that Sarhangi would try its efforts to develop a global payment network called Ripple Net.

Alphabet's subsidiary Google has not responded to the comment on whether Sarhangi had filled the role of Head of RCS, or the rich communication services.

Sarhangi joined Google through the purchase of Jibe mobile in 2015, which he founded and well developed and the main point which impacts the startup is that this company has developed technology for wireless carriers to adopt RCS.

Blockchain startup hires Google Veteran Amir Sarhangi
Amir Sarhangi | Image source: Coinpedia

The standard is seen as the successor of SMS texting because it excellently handles sending multimedia and commercial messages such as receipts and airline boarding pass on cell networks.

Google sees that messaging application as a futuristic revenue generator so this US search giant has partnered with many device manufacturers and wireless carriers to reveal RCS.

But a very hard effort has been made by major smartphone makers like Apple Inc. but still, it does not support RCS on the iPhone, and the Samsung Electronics Company has made an announcement in September that now Samsung smartphones will have limited RCS support.

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