Toyota to recall new 2.4 Million Cars
Toyota | Image source: yahoo

In September, Toyota said that after highlighting the technical problem which can cause flames, they are recalling more than one million hybrid cars worldwide.

On Friday, Japanese Automotive Giant Toyota said that the company is recalling more than 2.4 million hybrid cars due to a minor mistake which can cause accidents.

In the latest recall, Toyota's Prius and many models of its Auris Hybrid vehicles manufactured between October 2008 and November 2014 are affected in Japan. The company has recalled more than 1 Million cars including Toyota Prius and many other models.

In addition to above, there are another 830,000 Cars in North America, 290,000 in Europe, 3,000 in China, and the remaining one in the other parts of the world.

In a statement, Toyota said that the list of all the cars in the recall was already included in past memories in 2014 and 2015, but "in this measure, the new situation identified in this issue was not expected."

Toyota to recall new 2.4 Million Cars Including Toyota Prius
Toyota recalls 2.4 Million Cars | Image source: Kurir

The problem occurs only when the car is not able to enter the "fail-safe driving mode". Toyota said, "If this happens, then the vehicle can lose electricity and stalls, while power steering and braking will continue. While driving at high speed it can raise the risk of a vehicle stall accident."

Japan's Ministry of Transportation said that Toyota had reported three flaws locally on this issue, but there was no accident.

Last month, the company has recalled 1.03 million cars worldwide because of an issue related to wires which can cause a fire in vehicles.

The company sales are so much increased that  Till date, Toyota has sold over 10 million hybrid gasoline-electric vehicles globally which also involves the Prius.

In 2016, Toyota has declared a recall of 3.37 million cars globally on the issues with the Air Bag and Fuel Emissions Control Unit.

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