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WhatsApp | Image source: wallpaper cave
So far, Whatsapp is working to create a very easy, user-friendly and suitable communication app, which includes many features used in daily life. 

In fact, the plan has been acquired widely, for that WhatsApp came with a diligent app for business users a few months ago. 

While making it more stunning, developers are confirming that they do not make their users feel sad and angry with ads or selling their privacy. However, it will be soon in the hands of Facebook.

According to the reports, the WhatsApp may start placing ads to increase the profit using platforms. WABetaInfo has also announced that the company is analyzing a new version which will show advertisements in the Stories section for iOS devices. The company has stated that Ads will be shown similar to Instagram.

WhatsApp will place ads on its iOS app
WhatsApp ads on iOS: Image source: google
And the horrible thing is that these ads will target every person, It means the Facebook will be a stranger and they will read your messages and throw related ads on your account. As all the social media are doing, WhatsApp will do the same i.e. To place ads in WhatsApp advertisers have to pay to push their content to everyone.

Facebook is also working on different technologies to place ads effectively so that it will be user-friendly and profitable for both advertisers and Facebook. 

The company is working on an analytics system that will allow advertisers to collect data from their outlay and to satisfy content as per requirement. As a result, you will see ads of the topics on which you are talking or chatting, also the ads will be more precise than what you talk about normally.

WhatsApp Co-founder Brian Acton and Jan Koum left the company
WhatsApp co-founders Brian Acton and Jan Koum Image source: nytimes
Did you know why WhatsApp co-founders left the company? This was the main reason, WhatsApp co-founders Brian Acton and Jan Koum left the company. Whatsapp was earlier considered as an advertisement-free message platform.

Maybe Facebook wants to become third trillion dollar company or maybe some other reason. Facebook is looking for profit from this platform considering it one of the most widely used messaging apps in both Android and the iOS world.

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