Alex Jones banned by Apple CEO Tim Cook
Alex Jones from Infowars | Image source: s.hdnux

Apple has recently banned Alex Jones's Infowars app in September, but CEO of Apple, Tim Cook in a statement says that it wasn't a continuation of the Sandy Hook deception with Sen Marco Rubia in the hall of Congress.

Tim Cook in an interview said that in fact, there was no incident that removed Jones from the Apple. Instead, he said, it was a collection of things that act as a key example of why Apple keeps human custodian in the center of its products and services.

Cook also said, "We believe that what the user wants is someone who reviews these apps, someone reviews podcasts, some people like Apple News, where a user is selecting the top stories."

Apple CEO Tim Cook banned Alex Jones
Apple CEO Tim Cook and Steve Jobs | Image source: weird

Cook emphasized that there was no connection to Jones politics. "We do not take a political stand," he said. "We are not orienting on one side, you will see everything from liberal to moderate, and this is the way we think it should be".

The ban is not completely done, those who downloaded the Infowars app before the ban can listen, and all the previous Jones content is available on the Apple Safari browser through the web. But Apple is reducing the experience for users as Alex Jones is gone.

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