Microsoft Windows 10 updates delete users files

Microsoft is facing a problem for bugs in the latest version of Windows 10 which will be revealed in October 2018.

Many users described bugs on Reddit and Microsoft's support site. These bugs are removing files for some users, leaving them in a crisis situation.

There is not exactly clear that why and how files are being removed.

Microsoft Windows 10 updates deleting users data and files

Problem :
Users profiles and data associated with them are being deleted.

Although the source of the problem is unclear, many users have reported that the bug in the question is removing the entire user profile.

In this way, it is erasing all related folders, including documents, photos, music, and video.

Not every user is facing the problem, but the high volume of complaints clearly highlights the seriousness of the issue.

Backup and Upgrade :
Best option: Back up your data or do not upgrade to the latest version

At the moment, the best way is to don't install Windows 10 October update, at least not yet.

This can be difficult for some, but the problem is only after upgrading to the latest version.

Therefore, as long as Microsoft does not solve the problem or if it only takes a backup of all the necessary files on the external disk, then wait better.

Microsoft Windows 10 updates delete users files

Preventive measure:
What to do if already upgraded?

If you have already upgraded with no backup, disable a Windows policy that removes files after a certain age.

Steps to disable a Windows policy that removes files :  
Just type gpedit in Windows Search and navigate to 'Run Computer Configuration / Administrative Template / System / User Profile' to disable 'delete old user profile' as compared to specified days on system restart.

It works for some users and can prevent your profile from being deleted.

If the files are already gone, use belows tool

There is no guarantee on this, but some users have said that file recovery software Recuva helped them recover their lost data.

Drive a deep scan or device overwrite as soon as possible.

On the other hand, Microsoft has said that it is actively investigating the issue to issue a fix. you can download this software from below given link.

Get Recuva here.

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