Xiaomi Smartphone Mi A1 Explode
Xiaomi Mi A1 Explodes |Image source: gadgetsnow
After improvements in battery size and charging speed, sometimes there are separate cases of battery explosion with so many people killed. Probably, the most recent was Galaxy Note 7 battery explosion.

Xiaomi had its own sharing forum where people share news of different incidents including explosive phone inside and outside China. 

Mi A1 has also joined the list of Xiaomi models that have gone into the fire. According to the report, the owner of this smartphone is in a deep sleep when this device captures the fire. 

A person said that this incident happened when he was with his friend. I am somewhat far away but the phone was held near the owner when he was sleeping. The smartphone was fire but thankfully, the owner did not hurt because the device was in a protective shell. The protective cover tried to crush the impact of the explosion. 

Xiaomi Smartphone Mi A1 Explode details
Xiaomi Mi A1 Explodes Details | Image source: gadgets now
Mi A1 was running pure Android when it was launched last year and therefore it was not sold in China. The device was a success in all the countries excluding China, which inspired the launch of MI A2 and A2 Lite a few months ago.

There are many reasons for battery explosion, that are bad charging adapters, charging patterns, defective batteries, full day usage of the smartphone on charging and others. We do not have a description of the phone's position or owner's usage pattern. But the phone is in use for continuous 8 months. 

According to the statement, this incident has been reported to the Xiaomi's customer service but there is no response from the company.

Xiaomi Smartphone Mi A1 Explode
Xiaomi Mi A1 Explode | Image source: gadgetsnow
Nowadays, Xiaomi is not responding to any issues. A few months ago, the company has provided an update of MIUI 9.6 on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 and other older Smartphones. After updating to MIUI 9.6 in Xiaomi Smartphones there is a problem in Chrome browser i.e. it shows Chrome has been stopped. So many users have complained at Xiaomi's blog about different problems but there is no response from the company. We hope the company will soon fix this issues. 

However, it is best that users use their phones safely and avoid keeping them off during sleep. It is very important for every user to take care of overcharging while sleeping. For more updates on Xiaomi, Stay Tuned with us.

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