Satya Nadella CEO at Microsoft
Satya Nadella 

Nadella called technology companies to protect the privacy of users as human rights, urging firms and governments to work together collectively to protect the weakest class in society.

In a clear twist against Google and Facebook rivals, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has said that the company does not use personal data of customers for profit like some other firms.

In an interview on Monday, Nadella said that the company "has selected not to squeeze the last drop of revenue from the transit of user data on the Bing Search Engine and LinkedIn Social Network, which the company has acquired in 2016".

LinkedIn, which Microsoft has purchased for $ 26 billion, has more than 560 million users, and Bing is the number 3 search engine globally.

Nadella's comments "draw a sharp division between Microsoft and other giant US technology companies, which have been criticized for misusing their user's personal information".

At a Microsoft event in London last week, Nadella asked technology companies to protect users' privacy as human rights, urging firm and the governments to work together to protect the weakest class in society. 

Nadella praised the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as the first step towards securing the data privacy. 

Nadella said that, "We all have to think about digital experiences that we build to treat privacy as a human rights."

"GDPR as a piece of law, a piece of regulation is a great beginning and we have worked very hard to comply with GDPR."

Among increasing data violations, tech giants are discussing ways to ensure privacy and security for users.

Microsoft CEO emphasized in May "Users should be in control of their data. We have a collective responsibility to protect the data."

"It is our responsibility that the new age technology is empowering everyone, creating employment at the global level, and a fair development for everyone." For more updates on Microsoft, Stay tuned with us. 

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