Apple iPad Pro
Apple iPad Pro | Image source: Digital Trends

The first Apple iPad Pro Benchmark reached on Thursday, which shows a huge increase in GPU performance for the A12X bionic over the A12 Bionic in the latest iPhones.

Just a few hours ago, Antutu unveiled the scores for the latest slate, and it confirmed the leadership of the new chipset A12X bionic. iPad Pro 11" received a large scale score of 557,679, or an increase of over 50% from iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, which we tested a month ago.

Antutu Benchmark for iPhone XS Max
Antutu Benchmark | Image source: GSMarena

The result can be divided into four core components - CPU, GPU, UX, and Memory. AnTuTu reported an iPhone X Max score which is similar to ours, but we will use theirs for stability. The CPU increased from 131,000 to 159,000. Similar progressive growth has been seen in UX and Memory Department, but GPU is the place where something unbelievable happens.

The A12 bionic chip reached a score of 153,000 with the iPhone Xs Max, but due to better optimization, the A12X jumped twice and shows an impressive result of 315,108. The new graphics unit is an in-home Apple solution which allows better multi-layer service and without loss memory compression.

Antutu benchmark for iPad Pro
Antutu Benchmark | Image source: GSMarena

Although the display is increasing on a large scale, Apple promises that power consumption will not be compromised. We certainly expect, a new NPU and more than 10 billion transistors have been given as compared to 6.9 billion in the A12 chip.

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