Apple might launch its first 5G iPhone in 2020

The first 5G smartphone might come in 2019, but there is no hope of joining Apple. The source of a fast company claims that Apple is aiming to use the Intel 5G modem, the 8161, in its 2020 batch iPhone.

According to the reports, Apple is using a Forerunner 8060 chip for prototyping, but "there are heating issues" (due to the demand needed for millimeter-wave signals), and these issues increase both the temperature and damages the battery life. This issue is not enough to send Apple back into Qualcomm's arms, but for this reason, the company is not satisfied with Intel.

It is believed that the company is talking to MediaTek about the supply of 5G modem, but only as a backup plan in case Intel fails.

Intel 5G modem chip

It could be frustrating if you were hoping that the Apple will ride 5G bandwagon soon. However, it is relatively steady with the company's planning. Though Apple has normally kept up with cellular technology it is already waiting for the iPhone to pass on 3G and coming to LTE, it has been at the forefront of major speed upgrades.

Generally, this technology comes down to wait to become mature. Apple might not want to be an early adopter, especially when there will be minor coverage in the 5G network only in 2019. For more updates on Apple, Stay tuned with us.

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