ARES Design made a sketch of a new Roadster Version of Tesla Model S
Sketch from ARES Design | Image Source: 

Some later tuners have tried to make a convertible version of the Tesla Model S, but now the famous Italian design company ARES is taking a chance.

ARES Design has declared that they are making Roadster Tesla Model S. If you want an electric convertible, then your options are very limited. So many companies are working on this like Nissan, BMW, etc.

Nissan is testing the market with the new all-electric open-air concept LEAF, and some third-party companies have made conversions of Model S with mixed results. You can also purchase a BMW i8 convertible, but it is hardly electric.

Now a famous design company ARES Design, located in Modena, has declared on Facebook that they are going to build two-door convertible Model S.

ARES Design will take all its power, knowledge and creativity into the all-electric cars universe, to design an exciting Roadster version of the Tesla Model S.

They announced that they are starting this project without any details regarding price and availability. For more updates on Tesla, Stay tuned with us.

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