Honor Magic 2
Honor Magic 2

Just a few days ago Honor Magic 2 was launched. First time Honor has added new functions and features like the slider cameras, and around 100% screen-to-body ratio concept that has already been developed by other device manufacturers like Oppo, Xiaomi, etc.

The effort of Honors on 100% screen-to-body ratio looks great and the results really look amazing, because the videos have already revealed earlier. This phone is also powered by 7 nm based kirin 980 processor which acts as the brain for the device, as well as it has 8 GB RAM and 256 GB storage. In addition to this, it also has a triple camera setup, 40W fast charging, and more.

This phone runs on latest Android 9 Pie and it will come with Yoyo assistant like Google Assistant. We are recently digging through the firmware of Honor Magic 2, and now we have decided to share the pre-installed wallpaper, live wallpaper, and theme of Honor Magic 2.

Download Honor Magic 2 Wallpapers

We managed to get our hands on the latest firmware of Honor Magic 2 and the wallpaper of Honor Magic 2 so that you could use them on any Android device. There are total 19 wallpapers, out of which 10 we have included in the preview form given at the end of this post.

Download Link: Honor Magic 2 Wallpapers

Download Honor Magic 2 Live Wallpapers

Let's take a look at Honor Magic 2 live wallpapers that we have found during digging through firmware. Like the Huawei Mate 20 Live Wallpaper, APK was required to be installed on any phone, so XDA accredited contributor Linuxct helped us again with the Honor Magic 2 live wallpaper porting so that they could be installed and On any device can be used. 

I have personally installed them to run Android pie custom ROMs on their OnePlus 5T, and I have confirmed that they work in a rugged manner, so they should work just fine on any device.

This time, this port includes four new live wallpapers: Glamour Galaxy, Atlas, Glamour Nebula, and Honor planet. You can download them using the link given below.

Download Link: Honor Magic 2 Live Wallpapers

Download Honor Magic 2 Themes

We have some themes included with the firmware of Honor Magic 2. Obviously, these themes are to be used only in EMUI and they can be used on both EMUI 8 and EMUI 9. Note: Your device must have Android Oreo and Android Pie. 

There are total 10 themes, each of which comes with wallpaper (s) and icon pack. You can download the theme using the below-given link. 

Download Link: Honor Magic 2 Themes

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Honor Magic 2 Wallpapers

Honor Magic 2 Wallpaper Atlas
Honor Magic 2 Wallpaper: Atlas

Honor Magic 2 Wallpaper: Mystery

Honor Magic 2 Wallpaper Starry
Honor Magic 2 Wallpaper: Starry

Honor Magic 2 Wallpaper Mystery 2
Honor Magic 2 Wallpaper: Mystery 2

Honor Magic 2 Wallpaper Magic Sand
Honor Magic 2 Wallpaper: Magic Sand

Honor Magic 2 Wallpaper Harmony
Honor Magic 2 Wallpaper: Harmony

Honor Magic 2 Wallpaper Glamour Nebula
Honor Magic 2 Wallpaper: Glamour Nebula

Honor Magic 2 Wallpaper Glamour Galaxy
Honor Magic 2 Wallpaper: Glamour Galaxy

Honor Magic 2 Wallpaper Fairy
Honor Magic 2 Wallpaper: Fairy

Honor Magic 2 Wallpaper Flamingo
Honor Magic 2 Wallpaper: Flamingo

Source: XDA developers