Elon Musk Fired Seven Senior Leaders to Meet the Launch Targets
Elon Musk | Image source: Reuters 

Reuters reported that SpaceX CEO Elon Musk recently removed "seven" senior managers to speed up the development and testing of satellites that could provide broadband across the globe.

SpaceX denied the whole story and said that some of the managers had left their agreement and the firing happened after a long time that Reuters claimed.

In order to compete against cable and fiber ISPs and to bring broadband to safe and underworld areas, SpaceX has Federal Communications Commission approval which allows them to launch 4,425 low-Earth orbit satellites between 2019 and 2027. SpaceX is also demanding another FCC approval for 7,518 satellites.

One of the Reuters sources said, "SpaceX goal of having Internet Service Provisioning in 2020" is on target with an initial satellite launch by the mid of 2019.

But Musk clearly concludes that management schedules are required to keep the Starlink project on time. There should not be any change in the schedule of the Starlink project. In June, Musk went to Seattle in Washington to meet engineers who were leading the satellite project.

Within hours of landing, Musk fired experienced seven leaders of the program's senior management team at Redmond.

Known for pushing offensive deadlines, Musk soon brought new managers from SpaceX headquarters in California so that he could get rid of many managers. Sources said that their instructors will launch the SpaceX's first batch of US-made satellites by the mid of next year.

A SpaceX spokesman told Ars that the employees left the company as a part of the re-organization for nearly two weeks, and more than two people left their agreements. 

It is true to believe that the rest of the report of Reuters is correct, this would mean that in less than two weeks, five senior managers were fired from the satellite broadband project.

Elon Musk said that I want "cheap and simple satellite"

Elon Musk Fired Seven Senior Leaders to Meet the Launch Targets
Rajeev Badyal 

Reuters wrote that the two of the seven fired members are SpaceX Vice President of the satellites, Rajeev Badyal and top designer Mark Krebs. The reason of firing Rajeev is "He wants three more iterations of the test satellites", and "Elon thinks we can do work with cheap and simple satellites."

Reuters described a culture conflict between the Musk and SpaceX employees which are hired from Microsoft, "At other companies workers were accustomed to long deadline long development programs but at SpaceX and Tesla employees have to face short deadline long development programs. "Badyal is a Microsoft veteran, while Krebs has previously worked for Google". 

Reuters wrote that For the Starlink project SpaceX is struggling to "hire and retain employees", currently there are about 300 SpaceX employees currently working on Starlink projects. 

In January 2015, Musk said that Redmond's office responsible for the Starlink project would have "so many people, maybe 1,000" within three or four years.

Elon Musk Fired Seven Senior Leaders to Meet the Launch Targets
Mark Krebs

SpaceX provided this statement to Ars:

SpaceX Redmond office is an essential part of the company's efforts to create next-generation satellite networks like Starlink, which can connect the world with reliable and affordable broadband service. Presented the success of our recent Starlink satellite, we have learned and reorganize to allow the next design recurrence to be flown in a small order. This is likely to be a similar approach to rapid iterations in design and testing, due to which Falcon 1, Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy and Dragon are the successes.

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