Tesla Electric Bicycle

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is not new to innovation. He has done a lot of innovation in Tesla, SpaceX, and other companies. From cars to rocket to the tunnel, this entrepreneur has redefined the whole industry, sometimes with a joke or with a serious tweet.

Now this dangerous guy has dropped a new bomb on us by revealing the doors of the Tesla electric bicycle. Elon Musk recently goes for an interview with Kara Swisher on the record decode.

This interviews exposed everything about Tesla CEO's excessive Twitter usage ("What is Twitter?" Asked Musk) spreading topics from toxic American political atmosphere and the upcoming new Tesla pickup truck

Tesla Electric bicycle

But at the end of the interview, Musk dropped a new type of bomb. After talking about how unfamiliar electric scooters are used by Bird and Lime. Tesla will never build this type of vehicle. They set their places on a separate electric bicycle.

Electric bicycles, I think we will go for an electric bicycle, yes. "And with it, Tesla will make a huge change in the growing electric bicycle industry."

In spite of taking hard hit after the Trump administration imposed a 25% tariff on imported Chinese e-bike, the American Electric Cycle market is growing in a limitless way year after year.

Tesla Electric bicycle

An electric bicycle is becoming a popular form of both entertainment and daily visits to America. However, there is almost zero domestic US electric bicycle manufacturing. 

Even after the import duty of the Trump administration, the cost of electric bicycles has increased, most American e-bike companies have confirmed that they have no plans to move production to the United States.

The cost of developing essential tooling, supply chain, and skilled labor force will be so high that no existing US e-bike company can cover it. There is no company which can cover the whole US. 

Tesla Electric bicycle

But Tesla could.

Tesla Electric Cycle will be relatively easy for the company to take advantage of its existing design and manufacturing capabilities. And by doing so, there will be a huge change in contrast to anything seen in the electric bicycle industry.

In the last decade, the electric bicycle industry has come a long way. Early designs were largely standard bicycles with bolt-on motors and batteries. The new design has become stylish because the parts, cables, and electronics have been combined into vehicles.

However, there has not been a major technical improvement in e-bike in the last few years.

On the battery front, many packs look stunning and sexy but still use the same old 18650 battery cells, which have been in the market for two or three years. The e-bike battery is not long lasting, it's lifespan is not so much longer and also the batteries are not lighter.

Tesla Electric bicycle

E-bike hub motors have not seen a huge change since more than a decade. Increasing improvement has made a strong gear and a slight efficiency collision, but nothing huge.

Mid-drive motors were a major innovation three or four years earlier, but since then there were only small updates making them partially lighter or adding a bit more torque. Good improvement, though nothing is big.

But Tesla can make drastic changes possible, taking advantage of their motor and battery as they know how to make an ideal change in the industry.

  • Batteries can be more energy intensive and can last up to a decade rather than two or three years

  • Motors can be half size with twice the power, silently working and perhaps invisibly hidden in the frame.

  • The Electric bicycle may include heavyweight savings & it can be easily foldable to fit into a frunk.

  • The e-bike range could have a great efficiency and better regenerative braking. 

  • A Tesla electric bicycle could be perfectly theft proof and comes with integrated GPS tracking.

  • The user interface can become a central design focus and can not be considered later.

  • Charging may be included in public stations or even Tesla Superchargers.

A Tesla electric bicycle may also have autopilot! Okay, now I'm making a tremendous estimation, but you got the point. Along with the company's laser focus on changing the future of transportation using Tesla's resources, almost anything will be possible for the Tesla E-bike.

The electric bicycle industry is running so slow to embrace radical redesign that it is difficult to imagine what the Tesla electric cycle will do. For more updates on Tesla, Stay Tuned with us. 

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