By the end of 2019 with a partial presence, Tesla will be in India. Elon Musk will go for further expansion in 2020. What is the plan of Elon Musk for India?

Elon Musk once again indicated in Tesla that he will be very soon in India with Tesla plans for the country. In a tweet, Tesla CEO confirmed the Tesla's expansion plan for the market beyond North America, Europe, and China. 

Tesla is now planning to expand to all the population areas by the end of 2019 and it has been further stated that Tesla is currently doing missions on vast geographical areas in some cases. Tesla is on track to build its model 3 in China and gain more than 7,000 units of production capacity.

Elon Musk further confirmed that with further expansion in 2020, Tesla will have a partial presence in India and other countries by the end of 2019. He said, "Hopefully, partial presence in India, Africa, and South America will be widespread at the end of next year, expanding in 2020".

However, this is not the first time when Elon Musk has indicated India's entry. Earlier in May 2018, Musk had said that "it would be nice to be in India". 

Unfortunately, due to some challenging government rules, Tesla was not able to enter. CFO of Tesla, Deepak Ahuja is from India, believes that Tesla cars will enter in India very soon.

Tesla's Giga-factory in Nevada has been able to make good progress in the forward-development of lithium battery to make it more efficiently with Panasonic. Tesla and Panasonic's partnership is creating 60% of the global electric vehicle battery output. 

Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi had visited the Tesla plant in 2015 and during this tour, Elon Musk shared his intentions to enter India and to make big progress and development in Tesla for India. He shared this with Prime Minister Modi during the tour.

Tesla tried to enter India in 2017 but due to some misunderstanding between the government and the company, the company was not able to enter. Elon Musk said "unfortunately due to some challenging government rules" we are not able to enter in India. 

Tesla and Elon Musk are now planning to make a partial presence in India which means that the purpose of bringing and selling electric cars in the form of CBU and then rising from there. 

On several occasions, the Indian government has announced to take a strong stand on the electric vehicles to reduce its oil import expense and also to reduce the rising air pollution.

The Tesla electric car entering India will further boost the market and it will encourage other global OEMs to enter India markets. For more updates on Tesla, Stay tuned with us.

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