General Motors (GM) foldable e-bike
GM's Foldable E-bike Front Look

Today is a big day for car companies that jump on electric bicycle bandwagon. Earlier Elon Musk dropped a bomb and said that Tesla could manufacture Electric Bikes, and now GM electric bicycles are also on the orbit.

General Motors has made a surprising announcement this morning, where they unveiled two new electric bicycles. America's largest automobile manufacturer obviously wants to play electric bicycle games.

As per the Director of General Motors Urban Mobility Solutions, Hannah Parish:

"As a fierce cyclist and urban commuter, I know how great it feels to get where I am going easily and to show sweat-free."

"We combine electric engineering information, design, talent, and motor vehicle-grade testing with great brains from the bike industry to build our stunning e-bike."

General Motors (GM) foldable e-bike
GM's Foldable E-bike Side Look

Bikes and motors were developed by GM's electric vehicle team at home, including some of the engineers who have contributed in Chevy Bolt.

The company has announced plans for two electric bicycle designs, the first one is compact and other one is folded.

In spite of unveiling the pictures, the company has been asked to reveal detailed technical specifications. GM has not revealed any features of this bike, But we can understand more from the images released by GM.

Except for standard hub motor, an easy design option, General Motors (GM) has selected mid-drive electric motor. The motor uses a chain drive on a jagged belt, possibly a cost savings solution.

General Motors (GM) foldable e-bike
GM's Foldable E-bike Front Design

The mid-drive motor appears to be joint with an internally geared back hub. This will help reduce the maintenance concerns on GM electric bicycles.

The battery is mounted above the motor, yet the bike is still low, which should keep the center of gravity comfortably low.

The handle of the foldable e-bike is integrated into the stem, which allows the user to take it anywhere in the folded position.

The front and rear hydraulic disc brakes can also be seen. LED lighting, USB device charging and some types of telemetry systems are repeatedly found in electric mopeds and scooters.

General Motors has given a chance to all the people to name their e-bikes. Nomination competition appears to be angry this time, and the company is accepting this trend.

General Motors (GM) foldable e-bike
GM's E-bike Foldable Look

The company is running a competition that will allow the public to submit suggestions for the name of the General Motors new e-bike brand. 

The winner whose submission will be selected will receive a reward of $10,000, while the nine runner-ups will get $1,000 each.

Submissions can be made at E-bike Brand Challenge from November 3rd to November 26th. For more updates on General Motors, Stay tuned with us.

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