Google files patent for the eye-tracking system, which reads the expression for VR

Google may create our virtual avatar more expressive by tracking our eyes. It is according to a patent published last week in which the company gives details of a system to "classify facial expressions using the eye-tracking cameras". 

According to the description, the process "uses one or more eye tracking sensors placed on one or more head mounted devices."

Eye-Tracking is considered to be one of the next big things for VR, though it's largely because an accurate, dependable system will enable favored rendering, which will completely represents the area of ​​the screen that the user Seeing directly. 

However, Google wants to use algorithms to scan the user's expression in real-time and then it will translate it into virtual expression on its avatar

The Patent also observe that these expressions can be personalized, which we estimate that developers will be able to respond with their style of avatar.

The small diagram given below shows you how much minor changes can change in the size and shape of the eyes, what others see when they see your virtual incarnation.
Google files patent for the eye-tracking system, which reads the expression for VR

If accurate, such a system can be revolutionary for social VR applications which in particular, Google doesn’t have yet. Of course, till now it does not have a VR headset with an embedded eye-tracking sensor, but if this happens, then you have to imagine that it was one of the device with many potential uses for technology.

Given that Google has only released Lenovo Mirage Solo Daydream Headset (and is working on 6 DOF controllers to bring it very soon). For more updates on Google, Stay tuned with us.

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