CEO of Geisinger and researcher at Google Dr David Feinberg
Dr. David Feinberg 

Geisinger Health Systems CEO and President Dr. David Feinberg is going to Google, where he will take the position of healthcare leadership. Dr. Jaewon Ryu will join as interim president and CEO of Geisinger on December 1.

Google's healthcare efforts are very strong, including data standards, artificial intelligence, and the cloud. 

The Wall Street Journal reported the news for the first time. This summer Feinberg began to be considered as the CEO of Healthcare Enterprise launched by Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and JP Morgan Chase. After all, this work went to Dr. Atul Gawande.

Dr. Rita, a healthcare consultant said: "David Feinberg is of a mindset that we need so philosophically. This gives him a stage to have a stunning impact on healthcare services and results in nontraditional ways."

Google's healthcare work will play with the company's interoperability (The ability of computer software to exchange and make use of information) efforts, which it promised to go ahead with Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce at the beginning of this year.

Google recently hired healthcare officers. In July, Google's parent company Alphabet had appointed Dr. Toby Cosgrove, CEO of Cleveland Clinic as an executive adviser to Google Cloud Healthcare and Life Sciences team. 

Prior to this, the company has also hired Dr. Michael Howell who earlier worked as the former Director of the center of Healthcare Delivery Science and Innovation at the University of Chicago will work as a chief clinical strategist at Google's Research. 

Google also brought Dr. Vivian Lee, who earlier worked as former CEO of Utah Health Care University will work as a president of the Health Platform for Alphabet's verily Life Science.

After performing the role of CEO at UCLA's Hospital and President of UCLA Health Systems, Feinberg became the CEO of Geisinger in 2015. At Geisinger, he has brought out the use of new platforms and devices including proven experiences, it means if the patients are not happy with their experiences in the health system, their money will be refunded, and DNA indexing for all their patients as a part of daily care.

Numerof said, "David has the ability to explore the vision of health care, and he has the ability to finally stand the business model on the end, which is what players like Google have a chance to grow rapidly." "Google offers them opportunities to bring technology to hospitals Doctors and consumers to get results that are challenging in today's environment."

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