Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess
Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess | Image source: Reuters

On Monday, Herbert Diess said that Volkswagen can build 50 million electric cars on its new electric vehicle platform and is planning to expand its manufacturing footprint in the United States.

Herbert Diess also said, "We had established the plant in Chattanooga with the idea of ​​always being able to grow."

“The plant is still very small, and we are considering various options - it might be hybrid electric cars, it might be fully electric cars or, it might be a different derivative of the Atlas (SUV) - it’s still not open.”

Herbert Diess says that Volkswagen (VW) and Ford are mainly looking to increase cooperation in commercial vehicles.

"we are discussing about sharing some platforms and manufacturing sites, which makes some sense. And within the talks, we are touching other options, but if we come to the conclusion, then this will be our main Focus."

Dies said that Ford can help Volkswagen to develop a worldwide successor that is Amarok pickup, or a unibody pickup.

Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess
Volkswagen CEO Herbert Diess | Image source: Reuters

Volkswagen is open to license its MEB electric car platform to third party manufacturers, they repeated, stating that there was a way to increase the economies of scale. 

Diess said "Today, there are hundreds of different drivetrains in our industry, and there are lot of difference in the drivetrain. I think it will be reduced, because the battery cells will be very similar on the basis of same chemistry inside it."

He said that Volkswagen could manufacture 50 million electric vehicles worldwide, starting from 2020, and there was a battery sourcing agreement for them. He said that giving the MEB license to other vehicle manufacturers would get more efficiency benefits.

Diess said that "For the near future, battery packs will be more expensive than combustion powertrain, so I think it makes a lot of sense to make more volume."

A Volkswagen spokesman said that the number mentioned by Herbert Diess was a theoretical long-term goal for the MEB Electric Car platform. 

Volkswagen Group's existing vehicle platform, MQB has produced about 50 million primarily combustion engine vehicles in many brands and in many years. Only in 2017, Volkswagen Group has sold more than 10.7 Million Vehicles. 

This German company is investing heavily in electric vehicles because it tries to rebuild its reputation after a scam on the drastic emission tests of diesel engine in the United States, which was hard struggle time for Volkswagen and also company has paid billions of fines and refit.

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