This 11-year-old boy Mohammad Hassan Ali teaches different courses to Engineers
Mohammed Hassan Ali | Image source: India Today

This small child whose age is only 11 teaches engineers so that he can contribute to protect them from "strange jobs in foreign countries".

New Delhi: A student in Hyderabad who is studying in class 7 has become a source of knowledge for engineers. He is giving "design and drafting" lessons to the Mechanical, Civil and Electrical engineering students.

The small genius child Mohammad Hassan Ali, who learns to design from the Internet, teaches for no money to protect engineers from "strange jobs in foreign countries". The child wants to help this engineer so that they will get a good job in their own country.

The boy says, "I was watching a video on the Internet, which was on Indian people not getting proper jobs in foreign countries even after studying. This thing makes the boy to do something or to take some action against these problems."

First, he thinks that what is the thing which lacks in our engineers? He realized that there are two things i.e. technical knowledge and communication skills. Since my personal interest is in designing, I started learning and teaching it the similar one to other B.Tech and M.Tech students.

What's about the schedule of this small genius? In the morning, He is same as all the ordinary children. The first work of this 11-year-old child is to go to school. He comes back, completes his homework, goes out to play, and at 6 o'clock every evening, he plays the role of a teacher, teaching graduate, and postgraduate engineering students who are more than twice his age.

This 11-year-old boy Mohammed Hassan Ali teaches different courses to Engineers - FoxSplit
11-year-old boy | Image source: India Today

The child says that "I have been working on this from last year. I go to school in the morning and return home at 3 o'clock. I play with my friends and then completes my homework. By 6 o'clock, I went to my coaching institute to teach Mechanical, Civil and Electrical engineers.

This child said I have noticed something in most of the engineers which I like to share i.e. they never learn basic things as well as they never try to learn new things. Also, they don't have proper knowledge of their own field. That's why they don't get jobs even after studying.

All of his students are praising for their young teacher. Civil engineer G. Sushma says, "I'm coming here for one and a half months to learn civil software. He is small for all of us but manages to teach good, his skills are overall good and whatever he teaches is easy to understand and worthy."

Sai Revthi, another student of his institute, says "I am an M.Tech graduate and have been here for a month. This boy teaches many courses here. Also, he is good at his work."

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