Indian ex-Tesla employee charged for stealing $9.3 million from the company

New York: A 32-year-old Indian person and a former worker at the American electric car maker Tesla, has been charged for stealing $ 9.3 million from the company by proving financial documents to be wrong to transfer payments from one supplier to another supplier.

Salil Parulekar has been accused of 9 counts of cheating and fraud for identity theft. If convicted, the maximum punishment for each count of wire fraud is 20 years of imprisonment and a fine of $ 250,000. The maximum punishment for identity theft is two years of jail and a fine of $ 250,000.

A federal grand jury had accused Purulekar last week, alleging that he was charged for embezzlement, American Attorney Alex TSE and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) special agent John Bennett said.

According to the prosecution, during 2016 and 2017, former Parulekar has been charged for the tribal scheme in Tesla. At that time, Parulekar was the employee of Tesla Global Supply Management Group. He was responsible for overseeing Tesla's relationship with some suppliers for various parts and services related to Tesla Automobile.

Parulekar allegedly used his role to start a scheme in which he transferred the money owed to a Tesla supplier and caused it to be paid to another supplier. In all this procedure, he reportedly theft nearly $ 9.3 million.

According to the prosecution, Parulekar knows that Tesla had ended his supplier relationship with Schwabische Huttenwerke GmbH (SHW). At the end of time, SHW provided an only limited number of sample products, particularly motor pumps to Tesla.

Parulekar was allegedly aware that the end of relationships means that Tesla was blocking future payments to SHW and Parulekar was not authorized to violate this decision.

Despite these facts, Parulekar redirected a series of payments to other suppliers, Hota Industrial Manufacturing and then it was paid to SHW. The prosecution alleged that Parulekar has made the diversion of payments by falsifying invoices; making Fraudulent accounts payable documents, such as bank account information and wire instructions; and imitate the Hota employees. 

Particularly, Parulekar allegedly theft the identities of a Hota employee and by impersonating the employee, the due division of Tesla accounts was cheated so that the bank account information could be changed for payment of Hota and SHW. 

Parulekar studied mechanical engineering at the University of Mumbai and he completed his postgraduate degree in industrial engineering from North Carolina State University, as per LinkedIn profile. For more updates on Tesla, Stay tuned with us.

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