SpaceX is building an unbelievable monster rocket for Mars
SpaceX Monster BFR| Image source: Business Insider 

CEO of SpaceX, Elon Musk says that the company is working on something very big - really big.

The Big Falcon Rocket, is an unrivaled launch system designed to lift 100 people and 150 tons of food, water, and other supplies on the surface of Mars. 

Final target: To colonies the red planet and back up the mankind race.

Musk described the last BFR design in September. It is composed of two huge stages: a completely reusable rocket booster on the bottom, and completely reusable spaceships on the top. 

The first swamp mission has been predicted for 2023 and it is expected to send a Japanese billionaire and a group of artists around the moon.

The picture below shows the estimated length and size of each part of the BFR system. 

SpaceX is building an unbelievable monster rocket for Mars
SpaceX Monster Rocket | Image source: Business Insider 

The dimensions and estimated capabilities of BFR are impressive - so many people in the aerospace industry are upset about how it will be done. They also think that it can be successfully created by a private company on a budget of $ 2-10 billion. 

That's Musk's latest estimate for how much the development cost will be required for BFR. The amount is actually very less in comparison to what NASA is paying for its new Space Launch System. 

Musk and thousands of employees are working very hard to complete this BFR mission as soon as possible so that SpaceX can reach the red planet and moon on time.

Next, to the rendering of the BFR shown below, you will see a sequence of objects on the base of the rocket. This rocket is bigger in comparison to 20 familiar objects. This will be a very big challenge for Elon Musk to send this rocket to Mars. For more updates on SpaceX, Stay tuned with us. 

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