Tesla Motors is working on innovative clamping method

From a long time, Tesla is working on a new kind of clamping assembly method, as the newly published patents explain. This solution will provide the manufacturing process of Tesla cars more flexible body adjustment and allowing them to easily reconfigure during assemblies. 

The patent titled “Clamping Assembly for Securing Together a Pair of Adjacently Located Panels” was filed in April last and was published on Thursday. If the methods described therein should be implemented as described, then any unexpected interval between the panels of the Tesla vehicle can be easily aligned without the need to remove or start taking time.

The company's patents show that traditional clamps, which usually combine body panels with car frames, are an incomplete method for Tesla's unique design options.

Tesla is working on innovative clamping method to solve the body panel gap issue

"Although this traditional clamps can be used to protect adjacent parts from one other. The clamps are not responsible for those parts which have large manufacturing tolerances or parts which are not fixed in at least one direction," the Patent reads.

"Trying to use a traditional clamp to protect the two parts that must have some play between them may generate external gaps, and it can reduce the beauty appearance after assembly".

The patent provides an example of a specific specimen where this new clamping assembly system will come in handy, but let's take a look at the pictures.

Tesla is working on innovative clamping method to solve the body panel gap issue

The patent states "For example, the clamping of the front-trunk space of an electric vehicle is formed from a plastic to a fender or any other adjacent panel requires a degree of freedom to allow the panel and frunk to make motion relative to one another in one direction during assembly." "However, Clamp's designs are not suitable for this or similar applications."

For the purposes described in the document, Tesla's new patent definitely seems that it would provide far more practical remedies to implement the company's design options without the disappointing assembly issues currently facing its manufacturers. 

Tesla is working on innovative clamping method to solve the body panel gap issue

Although we have previously reported on issues of wrong panels coming out of Tesla factories, it seems like a massive effort to run its overall assembly process more easily in the future, and allows for more design options to be achievable.

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Image source: electrek.co