Tesla has made Supercharging free for owners affected by California destructive fire  Tesla
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Tesla sent an In-Car Notice to some California owners to tell them that they are offering free supercharging to facilitate their travels if they need to avoid the California forest fire.

As we said yesterday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk gave Tesla employees the right to help the people affected by California forest fire and 'not to worry about payment'.

Many Tesla owners in Southern California have approached Electrek.co to share this notice that they received Tesla this afternoon:

"Due to a destructive fire in California, your vehicle has been given free supercharging. We hope it will provide support for your transportation needs and will inform you before returning your vehicle to its original configuration in mid-December. Safe journey."

This is not the first time that Tesla decided to grant free supercharging during the disasters. In September, Tesla delivered more battery capacity and gave free supercharging to the owners in the way of storm at Florence's path.

Tesla has made Supercharging free for owners affected by California destructive fire

Many destructive fires have been extremely disastrous in California this week.

According to reports, the person destroying the northern California city paradise has been considered as "the most destructive in the history of the state in the context of the burnt structure" and so many people have died.

On Saturday, thousands of people are removed in southern California due to the forest fires.

Musk suggested that Model S and Model X vehicles can be used to evacuate people by using their air filtration system, which Tesla says is approximately 10 times larger than a normal car filter, and this is "100% more effective than premium air filters" which removes at least 99.97% fine particle matter and gaseous pollutants, as well as viruses, bacteria, pollen, and mold spores.

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