Tesla Model X Bioweapon Defense Mode experiment

When Elon Musk initially discussed Model X's "Bioweapon Defense Mode", then the committee dismissed this feature as a simple thing. Those Tesla's cars owners, who are affected by fierce fires in California, however, Bioweapon defense mode is now a phenomenal boon, allowing travelers to breathe in good air in spite of the bad quality of outside air. 

In history, this is the most destructive fire faced by California. By Friday, the northern California city of paradise has already caught fire. In the last 2 days, more than 6,700 structures have been completely burned in the campfire of Northern California. 

More than nine people have been killed, and around 250,000 people have been expelled from their homes against the attack of expanding forest fire. 

Despite the best efforts of the local administration, the firefighting officers in Los Angeles told Friday afternoon that the fire "is not exactly contained." 

Tesla owners have stated that their Tesla Bioweapon Defense Mode has effectively improved the air quality inside its cars. 

One of the owners, Andrei Bululu, posted some pictures on social media, that reveals the readings of the air inside and outside the car as he was traveling through the area, which is being affected by the fire.

Tesla Model X Bioweapon Defense Mode detect air quality outside car
Air Quality outside the Car

As the model X owner's article was found, the readings of air quality improved dramatically when its electric SUVs windows are up and Bioweapon defense mode was ON.

Other car owners have also shared similar experiences while driving in the same area with Tesla Bioweapon Defense mode.

Tesla Bioweapon Defense mode encourage a number of controversial laughs from the audience when Elon Musk told the feature for Model X. 

During the car launching, Musk clearly stated that this feature is possible only due to model X's incredibly large HEPA filter, which is ten times bigger as a normal fossil fuel powered car. 

Tesla Model X Bioweapon Defense Mode detect air quality outside car
Air Quality Inside Tesla Model X

Tesla noted that Bioweapon Defense Mode, which was later added to the Model S, is "100 times more effective than a premium automotive filter, which removes more than 99.97 % of particles matter, gaseous pollutants, bacteria, viruses, Pollen, and spores."

Due to Bioweapon Defense Mode, Tesla's electric car owners have the ability to breathe clean air despite the California forest fire. Elon Musk has said that the electric cars can be beneficial in moving people far away from the areas covered by the wild fire. 

Elon Musk delivered an email to the workers encouraging the Tesla employees to assist in the ongoing rescue efforts and not to be worried about the money.

During the years, Tesla has developed a reputation for helping people when they are in danger situation. In the middle of this year's when disaster was stricken, Tesla provided temporary free supercharging and several types of updates to the owners, announcing them to leave the hurricane-affected areas. 

Elon Musk also continues to provide some humanitarian assistance to the affected owners of Tesla cars. Last month, it was revealed that Elon Musk was helping Flint and MI by providing necessary funds to establish a water filtration system in the district school buildings.

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Image source: Teslarati