Tesla's new Chairman Robyn Denholm
Robyn Denholm 

Tesla has selected Robyn Denholm as its new chairman, who gives the Australian Telecom executive a task of providing a check on the name of the electric car (Tesla) manufacturer's leader Elon Musk.

Mr. Musk agreed to leave the post of Chairman as part of the agreement done with US Securities and Exchange Commission. Now he will be only chief executive for three years.

Currently, the appointment of Chief Financial Officer and head of Strategy at Telstra, Ms. Denholm is effective immediately. After a six-month notice period in Australia's largest telecom company, she will work full time as Tesla Chairman.

55-year-old Robyn Denholm told the Financial Times that she was very excited about the opportunity to work as chairman in Tesla, even if it meant that she had to leave her role in Telstra after one month of taking it on.
Tesla's new Chairman Robyn Denholm
She said "Telstra is a great company and I have enjoyed a lot here but I do not think I can give enough time to work in my new role as Tesla Chairman. So I think taking steps in a systematic way was the right thing to do, "

Ms. Denholm has experience of working in several giant companies including Telstra, Juniper Networks and Sun Microsystems in America and Australia. In addition to this, she also worked in Toyota as finance manager.

Mr. Musk said in a statement, "Robin Denholm has wide experience in both technology and automobile industries, and she has made great contributions in the last four years as a member of the Tesla board, her contribution is very helpful to make Tesla a profitable company."

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