Xiaomi new Mi Notebook
Mi Notebook | Image source: BGR

Xiaomi has recently launched so many products simultaneously. As per the reports, Xiaomi might introduce a new Mi Notebook today. However, Indians are curiously waiting for a new launch particularly a new Mi Notebook.

According to a new teaser, Chinese Electronics Maverick Xiaomi can launch a new model of its Mi Notebook laptop range on today.

As per the new Teaser, the laptop will have more unique features, stunning design, and it is quite better than the previous one. This laptop might be powered by Intel Core i3 processor. 

The company holds a large range of laptops available in different configurations and sizes from 12.5 inches screen to 15.6-inch screen.
The Laptop feature processors from Intel Core m3 to Intel Core i7, with the latest versions powered by the 8th generation Intel Core processor. Though the focus of Xiaomi is generally on offering high-end laptops at competitive mid-range prices. 

If the new range is powered by the Intel Core i3 processor, then it may allow the company to provide premium design at just 20,000 rupees, when launched. Although laptops are not as big segments for Xiaomi as Smartphones because it can generate the attention of a huge bunch of people.

In India, Xiaomi does not sell its laptop at high range. However, you may see and feel the Xiaomi laptop at the Mi Home Experience Store across the country. These stores display Xiaomi products from China, which are not yet available in India to showcase brand to customers.

Xiaomi has promised to find out the best price for there new products. Earlier this year, the company had introduced its TV range in India, which made a significant success in the market in its short time. As per the reports, the company has sold over 10 lakh TVs in just a few months.

So just wait and watch what will be the specs, prices, new products, unique features and global launch date of new products by Xiaomi. For more updates on Xiaomi, Stay tuned with us.

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